Work from 1995 - 2008

  • Whitewells


    Acrylic on canvas

    10" X 20"


  • Moorland Wanderer 1

    Moorland Wanderer 1

    Oil on panel

    21" x 14"


  • Moorlands


    Acrylic and oil on panel

    13" x 35"


  • Pelvis and Gorse Bush

    Pelvis and Gorse Bush

    Acrylic and oil on canvas

    12" X 18"

    2007 - 8


  • Harvest Moon

    Harvest Moon, Ilkley Moor

    Oil on canvas

    30" X 16"

    2006 - 8


  • Blue Moon Eclipse

    Blue Moon Eclipse

    Oil on panel

    24" X 20"



  • White Wells

    White Wells

    Acrylic and oil on canvas

    12" X 18"

    Private Collection, U.K.

  • Metamorphosis 1

    Metamorphosis 1

    Acrylic and oil on panel

    24" X 20"

    Private Collection, U.K.

"Diversity can mean dilution in lesser artists, but not in the case of Graeme Willson; an artist equally at home painting murals, completing portrait commissions or working in his studio on easel paintings. He is an intelligent artist whose intellect seeks expression on a par with his pleasure in the visual world and patent delight in the act of painting. He makes us rejoice in the sheer beauty and power of colour, mark and brush stroke.

Graeme Willson has set his own agenda, followed his instincts and his predilections with integrity and proceeded to clarify his command of the language with which to make himself heard above the clamour. By doing so he has won an appreciative and loyal audience.

He has invited rather than demanded their attention and offered to share his ideas rather than insisting on a hearing. By such subtle but important distinctions are the real artists known and respected in each generation".

Catalogue essay by Mara Sara for the Graeme Willson: Recent Paintings at the Bloomsbury Gallery, London 1992.