Work from 1995 - 2008

  • Allegory 11

    Allegory 11

    La Spectre De La Rose

    Oil on panel


This work refers to a song cycle by Berlioz: 'Les Nuits d'Ete', which in turn is based on poems by Theophile Gautier.

"This body of work suggests that music has unified the several aspects of his creative imagination into an exceptionally dynamic and unified whole. The results are both highly personal and readily accessible evocations of inspiring experiences. Waiting to be discovered within their imagery are allusions to the philosophical and intellectual ideas of the times from which the music sprang but initially these paintings communicate to the receptive heart as directly as the music that inspired them."

Mary Sara

Introductory essay to the exhibition "Picturing Sounds". The Manor House, Ilkley August 1998

The floral motif is explored further in the following works, in combination with geometry...

  • Facing Fibonacci

    Facing Fibonacci

    Oil on panel

    6" X 10"



  • Sacred Geometry

    Sacred Geometry

    Oil on canvas



  • Vision


    Oil on panel



  • Twist the Sinews of Thy Heart

    Twist the Sinews of Thy Heart

    Acrylic and oil on canvas

    32" X 30"

    2006 - 7

    Private collection, Yorkshire

The combination of figurative imagery embedded or 'fused' within an abstract matrix is developed further in the paintings which featured in 'The Process of Landscape' exhibition, summer 2005, and since then.

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